About a month ago, the local government in California killed millions of honeybees. Even though the news got to CNN and other news stations, the word still needs to be spread.

Originally aimed at killing mosquitoes, local California authorities buried millions of honeybees with their use of pesticides. The original notion was that the spraying would target insects carrying the Zika virus. Or, potentially carrying it. However, it resulted in one of the biggest honeybee massacres known to mankind (and “beekind” in that sense).

One owner, Ms. Stanley, lost what is estimated at 2 million bees that day. This is why it is so important that we do our research not only on which areas to spray, but what to spray these areas with. It has been clinically proven that the majority of pesticides that humanity uses on daily basis to spray their agriculture are deadly to honeybees.

There is no question that the Zika virus is a real threat to humanity. The video below explains all that there is to know about it.

The problem with the spraying in South Carolina was that the honeybee owners were not notified. They could have protected their hives during the spray, but the local authorities made no effort to get in touch with them.

This is a tragedy that can easily be repeated across different parts of the United States. The Zika virus is still alive and spreading. So, authorities are still looking for a legitimate way of fighting it. But, killing millions of bees can and should have been prevented. Aerial sprays like the one in Carolina will likely be repeated.