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First ever UMF 15+ Manuka honey that I have tried and that tasted delicious on a toast with butter! It was so good, I was compelled to include it in my list of top manuka brands.

Held for its mild flavour and powerful healing properties, Wild Cape produces some of the purest Manuka honey available on the market.

Located in the remote east coast of the North Island, Wild Cape is a small family owned business. Its geographical position is in a beautiful and unspoiled region in New Zealand that is home to some of the most potent Manuka forests.

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The location of Wilde Cape’s bee hives is key, because not all Manuka trees in New Zealand yield UMF rated nectar. The ones in Eastcape region, however, are well known for its high potency. That’s why every spring, the company relocated 2,700 hives in that area.

Wild cape, legally known as Savage Holticulture, is a member of the UMFHA. As such, the quality of their Manuka honey is guaranteed.

The family owned business does carry the lower grad UMF jars, but their main manufacturing focus is on UMF 10+ and UMF 15+ grades that have higher medicinal attributes. So, if you are looking for table honey, this would not be the brand to go with.

Even though, there is a UMF 5+ available from Wild Cape, this brand is known for its medicinal qualities, so I would recommend you purchase their UMF 10+ or 15+ honeys. If you are looking to improve your immune system, treat a digestive system disease or a physical wound, the Wild Cape brand can most definitely serve that purpose.

Usually, the higher the UMF grade, the bitter the honey taste is. Wild Cape Manuka honey, however, manages to preserve more sweetness than other brands. This phenomenon is attributed to the region that their bees harvest. It is said that the Manuka trees in the east coast of the North Island carry a sweeter nectars.

As owner Bill Savage explains, there are a wide variations of Manuka bushes to be harvested around New Zealand. But, not every bush yields the same degree of sweetness in its nectar.

Wild Cape also takes great care of their bees, by providing them a winter home, and trying to maintain their health as best as they can. After all, healthier bees are essential to a good harvest.

As one of the top five brands reviewed here, Wild Cape is a great choice for medicinal Manuka honey. Another quick recommendation I can make is to review Tahi’s manuka honey product. They also rank very high on my criteria for proper products.

Wild Cape Manuka honey review

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