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The name Tahi has Polynesian origins and it means, the one who lives by the sea.

Located near the Ngunguru Bay in the Whangarei area in New Zealand, the Tahi brand has extended its reach to Europe, Asia, and North America. What started as a small operation, has now grown to over 30 hectares of replanted native forests and wetlands.

Tahi is a successful company, however, they are so much more than your regular honey producer.

One of the first things that I have noticed about Tahi, while consciously browsing an organic store for new honey brands, was that they place birds on their honey labels. Not bees, but birds.

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Do they use birds to collect their hone, no, they do not. Trust me, I looked it up to reassure myself. But, once I dug a bit deeper about their business, I discovered a rather fascinating story about Tahi honey.

When the company first moved into their new home of 30 hectares, there were only 20 bird species left in the region. By strategically replanting their harvesting lands, Tahi managed to grow the number of bird species to 69, 23 of which are considered rate. Apparently, birds are the top animal indicator for a healthy ecosystem in New Zealand. So, by eliminating thousands of unwanted mammal pests, Tahi has not only managed to attract many more bird species to the region but also to better the overall ecosystem.

By planting over 250,000 plants across the wetlands, Tahi has reassured that there is plenty of food to go around for birds as well as bees. Hence, the birds on their label represent their success story.

Tahi Manuka honey offers a wide variety of UMF grades to complement even the most exigent customers. Whether you are looking for morning honey to add to your tea, or medicinal honey to use for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tahi has you covered.

To be more specific, Tahi offers UMF 5+, UMF 8+, UMF 10+, UMF 12+, UMF 15+ UMF 18+ and UMF 20+ grades of delicious Manuka honey.

Because of its extensive diversity of UMF grades, the taste and color of Tahi honey can vary. In any case, if you decide to go with the UMF 10+, you will be getting a rich nutty color and a bit of a bitter taste. Tahi is not the sweetest Manuka honey on the market, however, it carries amazing healing qualities.

As an environmentalist and a honey lover, I feel obligated to recommend this honey to you. But, I also urge you to read some of the other reviews that I have, before you make a decision. For example, Happy Valley has a great manuka honey brand. They are definitely worth having a look at.

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