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Located in the Whakatane province, at the Bay of Plenty, Melora’s Manuka honey is indeed plenty rich on medicinal qualities.

The name Melora derives from the Latin “Mel”, meaning honey and the Maori “Ora”, meaning healing. Manuka was recognized fairly recently for its significant healing capabilities. However, the Maori people have been using the Manuka tree for their medicine for centuries.

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The first Melora jar that I tried was their UMF 15+ product. Right from the start, I noticed that this honey was a bit thicker than any other 15+ grade Manuka that I’ve tried so far. So, the honey lover that I am, I had to try the higher rated UMF 20+.

Needless to say, both jars contained extraordinarily thick honey. You can easily put it in wraps and make candy out of it. Melora is not a sweet honey. This is not the brand you want as a sweetener.

This honey feels sharper on the tongue and has a strong smell. I am not very imaginative when it comes to describing taste, however, one reviewer said that she could taste the tea tree flavor. I’ve never tasted a Manuka tree, so I cannot say how accurate that statement is. However, it does have an aftertaste like no other honey.

Melora does offer a variety of UMF grades, the lowest being 5+ and the highest being 20+. The taste of their UMF 5+ honey is slightly sweeter, but I still would not use it as table honey.

I think their UMF 15+ and 18+ grades are the same. I am not sure if this variety is made for marketing purposes, or it has something to do with their process of the honey. For example, some batches do not reach the 18 grade, so they have to be labeled a lower grade.

Which brings me to the fact that some customers have complained that the UMF grade on the label is lower than what they got when verifying the batch.

Melora has an option on their website, where you can verify the batch of honey that you have purchased. In most instances, they will either refund you the money, or send you another jar of honey. So, in my opinion this is a win-win scenario.

If I purchase UMF 20+ and get UMF 15+, that’s alright. As long as I get another free UMF 20+ jar!

To be honest, if you are taking this honey to boost your immune system, I do not believe there is a difference between the UMF 15+ and 20+. I would recommend you save a couple of bucks and go with the lower grade.

However, if you are trying to treat a digestive system issue, sinusitis, or something of the sort, go with the highest grade.

Melora are a sustainable and ethical honey harvesting company. Their hives are strategically placed around New Zealand and they work with a lot of indigenous land owners. This allows the company to share the economic benefit and support local communities in a reputable manner.

Their Manuka Origins logo is how you can quickly recognize them.

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