Manuka honey bandages medihoney

If you’re interested in accessing health care accessories which promote speed healing of wounds, you’ll benefit from learning about the advantages of Manuka Honey bandages. These practical bandages have sticky strips which feature layers of pure and organic Manuka Honey. This honey is also known as Medihoney and its known for its exceptional anti-bacterial properties.

Since these bandages feature high UMF graded layers of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, they not only cover wounds, but also treat them.

They are germ-killing bandages and are safe to use on open wounds. As a matter of fact, they can be used on humans as well as animals. This makes them super versatile.

Derma Sciences is one of the leading producers, and I can definitely vouch for the quality of their product.

Medihoney is an important advance in natural speed healing and this is why more and more people all over the world are making the decision to invest in those bandages. They are great to have on hand, with a mind to treating cuts, scrapes and other types of wounds and they are so easy to use.

In particular, those who have had trouble healing wounds properly with typical bandages may find that choosing Manuka Honey bandages is a smart decision. Since they offer something special, which is layers of honey. And not just any honey, but one that is well known for its germicidal properties.

Consumers all over the internet report that the Manuka honey bandages provide faster wound recovery, compared to your everyday above the shelf bandages.

Choose Your Preferred Size and Shape

To serve customers better, the makers of Medihoney bandages provide a range of bandage options. Just like with any other similar product, there is quite some choice when it comes to size and shape.

One example is an occlusive bandage which measures four inches by five inches. This style is ideal for bigger wounds and it may be used to treat bed sores. If you prefer, you may cut down this bigger bandage in order to get a custom size. However, other sizes and shapes are also available. Some of these bandages also have colloidal gel added, which ensures that wounds stay hydrated. This helps with proper healing.

To complement their line of Manuka Honey bandages, the team at Medihoney also offer healing creams and ointments.

If you stick around and read some more about Manuka honey, you will know how strong its anti-bacterial profile is. This is exactly what makes these bandages special. You won’t be simply stopping the bleeding. You will be preventing infections and closing the wound much faster.

If I had a “Healing Manuka” seal, I would definitely put it on this product.

NOTE: Do NOT lick the bandages!