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  • Bee Friendly 85% 85%
  • Price 80% 80%
  • Average Score 71% 71%

NOTE: This brand is NOT certified by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association!

Manuka Health is a company which produces honey and an array of other health and beauty products. This company comes from New Zealand and it’s been around since 2006. The company’s founder, Kerry Paul, started the business in his own home and managed to turn it into a global enterprise in less than a decade.

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At present, forty-five countries purchase products from Manuka Health. To help you learn more about this company, I have created a short guide which answers some of the most commonly-asked questions about Manuka Health.

This Company Makes Natural Products

Even though Manuka Health MGO is a non-participant in the UMFHA process, they remain well regarded in the natural product industry. Their Manuka honey products are highly rated by nutrition and health experts across the globe. Originally from New Zealand, this brand offers a variety of methylglyoxal (MGO) grade.

Their lowest grade available on the market is 100, and the highest is 550. There is some debate around the industry about the sole quality of MGO, when it misses the other essential ingredients of Manuka. However, a rule of thumb shows that MGO 100 is equal to UMF 5 or 6, Manuka Health MGO 400 is equivalent to UMF 12+ and MGO 500 equals UMF 16+.

The honey manufactured by this company has received many positive reviews about its anti-bacterial properties, as well as its wound-healing capacity. Manuka Health MGO utilises eco-friendly business practices in order to extract and package its honey products and its team works with caring beekeepers who consider the well-being of bees to be priority one. For this reason, I consider them to be ethical harvesters.

Manuka Health also produces Royal Jelly, supplemented foods, skin care products, wound care products and a whole lot more. These products are popular due to their quality and purity and they are also affordably-priced. You can easily find their products in brick stores as well as online retailers.

The team at Manuka Health MGO takes care to price their products competitively, with a mind to earning the business and loyalty of customers. This brand isn’t currently certified by the UMFHA, but still has a very strong and positive reputation.

How to Find Manuka Health Products

Here, you can check out a list of well rated and competitively priced products. A quick Google search should also give you access to some exciting choices. Shopping online is probably the easiest way to find these products, which are generally quite highly-rated by consumers. And even you do decide to shop at your local store, I would still advice you to read some reviews online before you head out to the store.

Now that you know more about the Manuka Health MGO brand, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not their products are right for you. If you want to buy natural products from a trusted brand, which have unique properties and come at reasonable prices, this may be the health brand that you’ve been looking for. As with any other non-UMF product reviewed here, I cannot conclusively say that you will get the highest health benefits from these Manuka products. Adding honey to your life is essential to a healthy living.

Companies grow because they serve a need in the marketplace. The rapid and strong growth of this New Zealand company demonstrates its value to customers all over the world.

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