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Kiva’s Manuka honey is one of the highest rated by consumers and alternative health professionals. The company’s focus is on non-GMO, organic “superfoods”. Kiva is also a member of the UMFHA, which further guarantees the high medicinal quality of their Manuka. This is also one of my personal favorite brands that I have included in my “list of top 5 manuka honey brands“.

Unlike some more popular brands, Kiva only produces two grades of Manuka honey – UMF 15+ and UMF 20+, which equates to MGO 825+. As such, the company has chosen to dedicate themselves to the healing capabilities of Manuka.

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As far as healing comes, Kiva UMF 20+ is as good as it gets. This honey has a very heavy and dense texture, with a dark brownish color. It is not the sweetest honey I have ever tasted, but that has never stopped me to eat it from the spoon.

Located in New Zealand, as any Manuka honey brand should be, Kiva takes extra care in their manufacturing process. Unlike other brands, they do not owe large hectares of lands with thousands of bee hives. Instead, they gather their resources from local farmers who practice ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly honey harvesting.

Kiva Manuka honey is one of the purest because of their manufacturing process. In order to keep the maximum flavor and nutritional value, the company strives to process their ingredients as minimal as possible. To aid this practice, they have developed innovative low temperature and freeze-dying techniques. The final product you get from Kiva has no artificial flavors, no sugars or fillers and are just as nature intended.

As part of the UMFHA, Kiva makes sure that all of their batches of Manuka honey are tested. The rigorous third party testing procedures ensure that the final product you get is not only delicious and nutritious, but also safe for consumption.

Besides their high grade UMF honey, Kiva offers some great healthy options for those of us who like to drink smoothies. Their organic Acai and Maca powder, for example, are a great addition to a morning smoothie. Add a spoon of Manuka honey, some almond milk, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy breakfast!

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