Manuka Oil is an incredibly well regarded ingredient used in a variety of skincare products. Because of its rich anti-bacterial properties, many companies have opted in to use us this extract in their skincare products.

Scientific research has recently confirmed that the manuka extract is some 33 times stronger than tea tree essential oils, when it comes to protecting your skin from certain bacteria.

With East Cape you will be getting a 100 per cent non-irritant natural botanical product harvested in New Zealand. Because of its many therapeutic uses, this oil by Hill Country Manuka comes with a free eBook as a guideline.

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I have only ever used this product for rejuvenation purposes. However, my mom holds the key to this review, as this oil helped her treat a horrible-looking fungal infection under her chin. The rash was around 3 inches in width and spreading down towards her neck.

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Initially I was going to offer my mom to use UMF 20+ manuka honey on it, but during my research I came across another product called manuka oil. An online search for fungal infection and natural treatments returned some results that I figured would be worth digging into. Plus, I was only going to experiment with my mom’s skin, no biggie!

As soon as I found a legitimate website to order the product from, I requested a next day delivery of the 34oz (10ml) bottle. The same evening, my mom applied a few drops to the irritated area before she went to bed. Astonishingly, the very next day you could see a noticeable difference in my mom’s skin.

I know, I know, it sounds incredible, like a late night infomercial. The infection was not gone, though. It took around 12 days of overnight application until the fungus was completely gone. My mom’s dermatologist was so surprised he took notes of the product.

Further looking into this product, I was able to find tons of good reviews (honest, or so I think). Here is a short list of what other ailments this Hill Country manuka oil has been used and found effective for.

east cape manuka oil 100% pure by hill country

Anti-Inflammatory: Due to its manuka origin, this oil has very strong anti-bacterial properties and it can handle almost any kind of inflammation. This includes internal bacterial infections and digestive system diseases.

Anti-Dandruff: If you are having trouble getting rid of dandruff and you’ve tried a variety of over the counter products, it is time you give this oil a shot. Few drops of this manuka product on your scalp can make the difference. Massage the oil well into the scalp and let it sit there for 15 minutes before rinsing it with water. You can also try blending the manuka oil with some other oil product and massaging it on your scalp.

Bite and Sting Antidote: Quickly applying East Cape’s oil after a bite or a sting can help reduce or eliminate the pain and swelling of the irritated region.

Anti-Histaminic: I found some evidence that manuka oil can quickly reduce the production of histamine, which is associated with heavy and aggravating coughs that simply never end. The use of this oil cannot simply control the cough, but eliminate it completely.

Anti-Allergenic: This is not surprising, because manuka honey itself is known for having strong anti-allergic properties. So, the essential manuka oil extract has the same capabilities of reducing and eliminating allergies.

Have a quick look at the top manuka brands rated on my blog, East Cape is among them. It is a great company offering great products.

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