Airborne manuka honey product review

  • UMFHA Membership 0% 0%
  • Taste 92% 92%
  • Popularity 85% 85%
  • Bee Friendly 80% 80%
  • Price 95% 95%
  • Average Score 70.04% 70.04%

NOTE: This brand is NOT certified by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association.!

Proceed with caution if buying this brand if you are looking for Manuka’s medicinal qualities.

The Airborne brand has been around since 1910 and its headquarters are located in Christchurch, New Zealand. This company produces Makuna honeys and currently has around 6,000 hives across New Zealand. Despite the lack of UMFHA certification, Airborne is somehow very well-regarded for their taste, purity and medicinal benefits. When I say well-regarded, I really mean well-reviewed.

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Most people who rely on Airborne Makuna Honey do so because they are rich in antioxidants and probiotics. Anti-oxidants slow down cell damage and probiotics help to boost digestive health. However, these qualities are present in pretty much all non-pasteurized honeys. Customer, and online reviewers often tend to think that he long history of this company is a testament to just how great its products, such as health honeys, floral honeys, honey lozenges and classic honeys, really are!

Not Sure If You Will Love Their Honey

Manuka honeys from Airborne come in different grades, which are 70, 80 and 85. According to Airborne’s website, these levels indicate the amount of pollen in each jar. The higher the number, the more pollen. More pollen generally means better antioxidant and prebiotic qualities. However, this is something present in most honeys.

To a certain degree, health benefits and medicinal attributes of honey are linked to the amount of pollen there is. Airborne insists on labeling their jars with the amount of pollen, but they do not do a good job to tell their customers the significance of these numbers in terms of the Unique Manuka Factor.

Prices for these select honeys are quite competitive, when compared to other non-UMF brands. The key to determining prices is shopping around for this type of honey online or in your own community. Larger online retailers do stock this form of honey and they are easy to order from. In general, they offer good prices.

This Honey is Eco-friendly

The team at Airborne really care about the environment and they use sustainable practices in order to care for bees in a humane and responsible manner. If you want honey from ethical harvesters, you’ll find that this brand really delivers. It’s a wonderful choice from a “green” perspective and also tastes fantastic. In fact, once you’ve tried it, you may find that you only want to choose Airborne Manuka Honey in the future (for table honey that is).

In my most humble opinion, you should avoid the Airborne brand if you are looking for a medical Manuka brand. Even though they put great care into the production of their honey, it is pretty much impossible to determine the Manuka factor in their jars. And after all, most people buy Manuka honey because of its healing attributes. Not too many consumers can afford the price of this honey just to use it for their morning tea or coffee.

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