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This is My Story

I’ve been suffering from various digestive system disorders since I can remember. This might sound like a bad commercial, but I’ve tried a variety of mainstream medicine, and it simply didn’t work. On top of that, I managed to develop acid reflux and IBS as well.

Long story short, some four years ago I started looking into alternative medical treatments for my digestive problems. I tried a few things, such as organic mint tea, tahini and organic apple cider vinegar, that were able to calm my digestion a little bit. However, none of those natural remedies was able to heal me. The moment I stopped drinking 2 liters of tea a day, my IBS issues reoccurred.

This was until my research and book investigations led me to Manuka honey. I read books, reviews, watched videos and actually attended a seminar in the United Kingdom two summers ago. It all convinced me that the price was worth the try.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t waste any money on “fake” products, because my research was well done. I even called companies like Happy Valley and Comvita, to assure myself I was getting their actual products from Amazon.

Five weeks after I started taking Manuka, my digestive problems started to disappear. I stopped taking the honey after 3 months, for about half a year. I felt great, until my IBS (or so I thought), started getting back. I went on another 2 month Manuka diet, and now I feel great again.

I’ve decided to make Manuka part of my life now. I take a spoon of this magical honey once every couple of days just to boost my immune system. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would definitely be taking more of it!