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Zika Virus Spray Kills Millions of Honeybees

About a month ago, the local government in California killed millions of honeybees. Even though the news got to CNN and other news stations, the word still needs to be spread. Originally aimed at killing mosquitoes, local California authorities buried millions of honeybees with their use of pesticides. The original notion was that the spraying would target insects carrying the Zika virus. Or, potentially carrying it. However, it resulted in one of the biggest honeybee massacres known to mankind (and “beekind” in that sense). One owner, Ms. Stanley, lost what is estimated at 2 million bees that day. This...

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Why Bees Are Dying and How To Save Them

Situation Beginning of the 1990s, scientists around the globe begun researching and reporting the mysterious and rapid decline in bee population. In recent years, beekeepers, mostly in Europe and North America, have reported annual hive losses that exceed the 30 percent mark. A number that is significantly higher than what is considered sustainable loses. The winter of 2015 was recounted as the worst so far, with hive losses around the 50 percent mark. Compared to 2014, total losses (winter and summer) have worsened by at least 8 percent. Never before had summer hive losses rivalled winter hive losses. This...

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17 Amazing Manuka Honey Products For Your Health in 2017

Over the last few years I have been trying and applying a variety of Manuka honey based products. Some for health reasons, others for ever more needed beautifying effects. I have comprised a list of 17 products (not all tested by me), that I believe can have a great benefit on your overall health and self-esteem. And believe me, these are good for both, men and women. Do not wait, start thinking about your health today! BIO Manuka Honey Wound and Burn Dressing I first came across this after a small cooking accident. I burnt myself on the frying...

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Manuka Honey Bandages Medihoney

If you’re interested in accessing health care accessories which promote speed healing of wounds, you’ll benefit from learning about the advantages of Manuka Honey bandages. These practical bandages have sticky strips which feature layers of pure and organic Manuka Honey. This honey is also known as Medihoney and its known for its exceptional anti-bacterial properties. Since these bandages feature high UMF graded layers of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, they not only cover wounds, but also treat them. They are germ-killing bandages and are safe to use on open wounds. As a matter of fact, they can be used...

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Manuka Honey For Horse Healing Wounds

Makuna Honey comes from New Zealand and it’s known for its impressive, anti-bacterial properties. In particular, it has great value in terms of providing wound care and many horse owners use this pure honey in order to speed-heal their animal’s wounds. While there are no definitive clinical studies that establish the value of treating wounds on horses with this beloved honey, real-life horse owners feel that it dramatically speeds up healing time. In fact, many have noted that their horses’ wounds recover in half the time when they apply this honey, which may be raw or clear in type. Veterinarian Clive Peterson recommends to put some three percent hydrogen peroxide on a wound before applying a layer of Makuna Honey. The hydrogen peroxide will ensure that the wound is really clean before the honey is put on. After applying the honey, you may bandage the wound or leave it free of bandages. Manuka honey’s levels of PH are so low, that even bacteria cannot survive. Manuka’s levels of PH are around the 3.2 mark, whereas known bacteria thrive and multiply in the 6.0 to 8.0 range. Also, because of its high levels of sugar applying this honey can eliminate the odor of the wound. See, high levels of sugar exert osmotic pressure on compromised wounds. This, on the other hand, promotes autolytic debridement of nectoric tissue. All of this...

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