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Bee Recovery Underway From Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees Stand a Chance Compared to the previous year, the number of honeybees in the U.S. increased in 2017.  They are critical to agricultural production.  Deaths of the insects, which had been attributed to a rather mysterious malady affecting hives in Europe and North America decreased, according to a honeybee health survey that was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As of April 1, 2017, commercial honeybee colonies in the U.S. increased 3 percent up to 2.89 million compared with the previous year, as reported by the Agriculture Department.  A number of hives have had been lost due...

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How Pesticides Can Decimate Honey Bees

Where did all the bees go? Honey bees have been dying off in the past decade at an alarming rate. Similar trends are also visible across other species of wasp, butterfly, and beetle. Scientists have been extremely concerned about the decline in pollinators that includes the semi-domestic honey bee. Bee keepers and ordinary gardeners continuously report the lack of bees in their gardens. Species that were seen 2 years ago, are now nowhere to be found. A slow decline in the honey bee population became evident until, after only one year, there were none left, begging the question, “where...

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Bees Inn Manuka Honey Review

% Bee's Inn Manuka Honey Score UMFHA License #1040 Bee’s Inn is yet another authentic manuka honey brand out of New Zealand. It is UMF certified, it is pure, and it only comes in a 250g (8.8oz) jar. Also, just so you are not surprised, so far it is only available as UMF 15+ grade. How It All Started For Bee’s Inn If you are doing some research on this honey, do not be surprised when the name Tuff Bear pops up. This is the actual importer of the honey, not the manufacturer. So, if you live outside of New Zealand, you will be buying the honey from the importer, not directly from the manufacturer. Even though, this does affect the price, this manuka product still manages to stay competitive when compared to Tahi, Happy Valley and other brands of similar quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the vendor and by the double sealed package that the product arrive in. I had some general questions about the process in which the honey is being distributed around the world. I wanted to know if it is actually packaged only once and if it has been packaged in New Zealand. The answers to both questions were an affirmative YES. Read Customer Reviews The reason I ask this, is because some small companies in New Zealand allow distributors to...

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Steens Manuka Honey Review

% Steens Manuka Honey Score This is yet another New Zealand, family owned manuka honey product. Paul and Sheryl’s story is inspiring and full of delicious jars of unpasteurized honey. The two young entrepreneurs begun their honey journey more than 35 years ago. Starting with only 3 hives, they managed to grow their business and begin exporting their tasty product overseas. How It All Started For Steens Dr. Peter Molan’s research on the unique anti-bacterial properties of manuka honey was a turning point for Steens business model. In the mid-1980s, the company decided to focus entirely on the production on high quality manuka honey. So, they dropped all other honey based products and dedicated all of their time and attention to growing their manuka beehives. The result? Steens became one of the founding members of the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA). Their commitment to improving the honey industry has been well recognized over the past 30 years. The company now plays a very integral part of the manuka industry in New Zealand. Located in the North Island of New Zealand, to this day Steens remain one of the largest beekeeping operations in the world. Not too bad for an ex-butcher and an ex-teacher! Read Customer Reviews About Steens Manuka Honey The first thing I noticed about this honey, was that their label claimed both the UMF and MGO grades....

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Honey To Fight Deadly Cancer

Honey is mostly associated with its sweet taste and naturally gold color. Not too many people are aware of its healing attributes, let alone its powerful cancer killing properties. Up to this date, honey has been recognized to have some 69 positive healing effects. Strapped throat is perhaps the best known. Everyone knows to eat a spoon of honey when their throat hurts. But, medical research continues to discover honey’s amazing healing capabilities for more serious diseases, such as radiation-induced mucositis. Being a superlative food, honey has found its place in the biomedical literature over and over again. Latest...

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